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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding how Brand Ancor Japan works

What are the steps before confirming to work with Brand Ancor Japan?

We always start off with a casual chat to get to know each other: we would love to hear what your service is, and what your plans are for the Japan market. It is important for us to understand the missing piece that would boost your efforts in Japan. Depending on your circumstances, we may recommend to start with a market research, or go straight into lead generation once we finish localizing your sales materials.

How much does Brand Ancor Japan charge for its services?

The service is mostly customized so it depends on what you need. However, we do have some basic plans to start with: for example, a full-on market research will cost over 25k USD, and localization of your sales materials will cost 7k USD minimum. We make sure to set the bar high as we are committed to the quality of our output, and more than anything, to your success in the Japan market.

How do I know that Brand Anchor Japan is the right partner for me?

You can find out when you meet us online, and don't worry, the meeting is free of charge. We value this initial step as we see this endeavor not as a one-time project, but an on-going partnership that may last for years if it is successful. We want to make sure that you are committed as well, and that you have an offering that is competitive for the Japanese market. Lastly, what matters most when we join your team is that we get along!

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