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About Our Business

On-the-ground support for foreign companies entering the Japanese market.

Japan is a lucrative market, but it is notorious for its language barrier, as well as its traditional business customs and an ultra conservative & detail-oriented work style.

Brand Anchor Japan will serve as your colleague to "make things happen." Our goal is to help you maneuver through the various sales & cultural obstacles by providing both transparency and insight into the market, just as you would in your own.

A team of local experts led by native-level English-speaking consultants will ensure that you understand "what is going on AND WHY" in a timely manner so that you can make sound decisions.

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What is unique about Brand Ancor Japan

What you need is someone who can act as a bridge between two cultures, and a very strong team of sales people who have wide connections as well as the ability to get in touch with the "right people." We make that happen for you by bringing in the the right member for each project, and one of the reasons why we are so good is because each of us is active within a large corporation that enables us to constantly build new connections.

Not to mention the marketing strategy part. We have consultants who work in Japanese consulting firms who are very familiar with the Japanese market, so we are confident that about the quality of the output: it will not be just a piece of paper with stats and market trends, but actual, concrete insights into your target via on-the-ground research as well as interviews with potential customers.

Yasu, the founder & Strategic Director of Brand Ancor Japan

Yasuhiro Takayama

Founder & Strategic Director

Currently at TIS Inc. alongside Brand Anchor Japan. Formerly at a startup later acquired by Softbank, and ADK (a top tier ad agency)

Rena, the B2C Brand & Distribution Producer of Brand Ancor Japan

Rena Kawaguchi

B2C Brand & Distribution Producer

Former LVMH Louis Vuitton Japan, Ralph Lauren, Loewe, Exelco Diamond as a brand / communication manager.​

How Brand Ancor Japan started

Yasu, who is the founder & strategic director of Brand Anchor Japan, has years of experience helping foreign companies enter the Japanese market and build their B2B businesses throughout his career. Some of the notable collaborations he has single-handedly explored and managed for foreign startups has been with a top tier bank, EC company, and a major department store.

We make sure that we share your values and "speak the same language," which is critical for a successful business. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your sales and marketing strategy is converted into tangible results. Whether you're looking to expand your business in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, or beyond, we're here to help you achieve your goals in Japan.

Connecting you from the inside.


Wearing two hats to cover both ends of the business spectrum

Currently, Yasu is collaborating with three foreign companies to help grow their business in Japan while supporting Fukuoka City to bring in foreign startups. He is also a Director of a business innovation unit in TIS Inc., one of the largest SIers in Japan. It is this network that allows Yasu to create a synergy between foreign and Japanese companies.


Getting on the same boat for ultimate success

In 2018, he founded Tech Frontier LLC. to help foreign startups successfully enter and grow their business in the Japanese market. This is the foundation of Brand Anchor Japan.


From an ad agency to foreign startups

Previously, Yasu worked at one of the largest Japanese advertising agencies; he moved on to work for foreign IT startups where he was responsible for working with the headquarter to grow their business in Japan through marketing & sales

Some of our Local Experts

Our team consists of individuals who worked in major Japanese companies before they started providing individual market & sales support in the Japanese market. Here are some of the local experts that we work with for market research, lead generation & nurturing.

Yusuke, the BD of Brand Ancor Japan

Yusuke Nakayama

Business Development

Former Amazon, Rakuten, Coca-Cola, Fujitsu, Seven Eleven

Risa, the B2C Marketing Strategist of Brand Ancor Japan

Risa Kitaguchi

B2C Marketing Strategy

Former ANGFA Japan, NIVEA KAO Japan, Beiersdorf AG Germany

Ryota, the B2B sales of Brand Ancor Japan

Ryota Ouchi

B2B Sales

Former startup later acquired by Softbank, ADK (top tier ad agency)

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