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1. Marketing Research and Analysis

Our goal here is to make sure you get a full understanding of the opportunities and risks in the Japanese market, both quantitative and qualitative. What Brand Ancor Japan provides to you at the end of this step is a thorough market research & analytics report, as well as a sales & marketing strategy that you could use for your sales activity in Japan.

A team working on market research

Quantitative & Qualitative Research of your Target Market

We will provide you with local insight into the Japanese market. This may include consumer surveys, calling local companies, and even on-the-ground research to gain direct experience.

People discussing with Post Its on a window

Locating the Target, Competitors & Your Unique Sales Point

We will clarify who your potential customers are, your competitors & their characteristics, as well as market trends in order to fine tune your unique sales point that should be communicated.

Chess Game to represent strategy

Building a sales & marketing strategy for your entry and business growth in Japan

We will do a deep-dive into your service from the perspective of potential clients in Japan, establish your positioning vs. competitors, and decide on the roadmap and marketing approach.

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