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Brand Anchor Japan

We are local Japanese experts who know the market and business customs by heart.

Brand Anchor Japan is a team of individuals who are active inside Japanese corporations: led by a director level consultant who has years of experience bringing foreign companies into Japan, we leverage our existing connections and know-how to build the right strategy to crack the market and help your brand take root.  We will work as an extension of your team in Japan to boost your market research & sales activities.

Our Unique Offering

What Brand Ancor Japan provides is a truly collaborative support in helping you understand the opportunities & risks in your target market and grow your business in Japan.

We are part of your team

We share with you in a timely manner all the intelligence collected during the research & sales process, and we ensure that your brand (not ours) is what spreads in the market.

We are more than bilingual

With members who work in Japanese companies or who have deals with them, we know very well how they think, while we share your values as well having grown up in an international environment.

We support you all the way

We have years of experience in market research, marketing, and sales & BD. So you can count on expertise from pre-market entry all the way to after-sales support to grow your business.

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