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6. Implementation & After-sales Support

Brand Ancor Japan can provide support for even after the deal is signed, depending on the nature of your service or product. This is because customer satisfaction will have a huge influence on your business in the long run. Our goal is to make sure your customers stay happy in order for future upsell or case studies and PR for marketing purposes.

A woman speaking in front of people to represent the client onboarding process of your service

Implementation Support

Depending on your product or service, we will prepare a localized version of a service manual that the clients would need to reference when using your product. We can also provide actual assistance in onboarding as well.

A woman speaking on the phone in front of the computer to show the aftersales support

After-sales Support

We can also be the point of contact for any questions or even complaints from your clients after they start using your product or service. We will keep you updated on a daily basis on our interactions with clients.

Main points that Brand Ancor Japan will include in a case study with a Japanese client

Building Case Studies

For each client, we will follow up with the person responsible to ask for a case study as well as endorsements that you could use for future marketing. We can also do seminars with them online once you have solid supporters.

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