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5. Negotiation to Close the Deal

Even after there is clear interest, Japanese companies tend to ask for very detailed conditions when it comes to delivery. Brand Ancor Japan will work together with you to hammer out the details, while making sure that you get a feel of what is absolutely necessary and what is a "nice-to-have" request. This phase will end with a deal signed.

Negotiation with the potential client about actual terms of the deal

Negotiation with the potential client

Mainly during meetings, the client may ask to clarify certain offerings, roadmap for future functionalities, and economic conditions. We will make sure that we are all on the same page before proceeding.

Drafting a contract for the Japanese client

Drafting a contract for the Japanese company

We usually ask you to find a lawyer who could translate your existing contract. However, it is not rare that the Japanese company will offer to review and sign the contract in English.

Going over the details of the contract with the Japanese client

Reviewing the details in the contract to get it signed

We can support you on the back-and-forth of the contract itself where the Japanese company may make detailed revisions or ask questions. Sometimes we have a three-way call with the legal team.

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