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4. Potential Client Engagement

Brand Ancor Japan will have rounds of meetings with potential clients. This will start with an initial pitch to a contact in the target company. We will follow up and engage until we get to the key decision maker, and depending on the nature of the deal, we may ask you to come visit for a offline meeting.

Business people shaking hands to represent the initial meeting

Initial presentation followed by Q&A with potential clients

We will do a round of presentations with potential clients to cover basic information about your company and service. The goal is to arouse interest and gain trust for continued engagement.

The process to sort out what happened in the meeting in Japanese

Wrap up to make sure we improve after every meeting

We will have a wrap up after every meeting to see what could be improved in the deck or Q&A. This step is crucial in the beginning as there are always unexpected questions or comments.

Image of a follow-up discussion with the potential client to discuss how to move things forward

Getting past the follow-up discussions

We will have the follow-up meeting with the potential clients who are interested to move forward, and this is where we encourage you to participate for a much more detailed Q&A or a demo.

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