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3. Lead Generation

Brand Ancor Japan will create a list of companies to approach: most of them will start from locating the right person through networking, simple cold calling, or a marketing campaign. This will depend on the sales & marketing strategy, but we will work on the detailed steps at this stage.

Image showing a sample of company lead list for sales activity

Creating a list of potential clients to approach

We will start by creating a list of all the companies that could potentially be your customer and prioritize them based on metrics that we agree upon that is in line with the sales strategy. 

Options in terms of how to work at lead generation from using Brand Ancor Japan's resource, utilizing local media, all the way to collaborating with a reseller

Deciding how to approach each lead

We may leverage resellers or media for marketing depending on the strategy. In parallel, we will run an initial check on our existing network to see whether any of the leads could be reached directly.

Brand Ancor at work to discuss with potential clients in Japan

Getting on the ground for an appointment

We will execute the sales & marketing plan to generate quality leads, i.e. contacts in the right department for your business. This step will take 1-3 months depending on the category.

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